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Breaking into Brilliance

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Performers | Workshops


  If they only heard your voice, would they hire you?

  What We Will Do

  • Personal Monologues, the emotional life.
  • Beauty of breath, voice and language
  • Advanced Body Work

  What You Come Away with

  • Integration of the emotional life,
    Voice and language  (Secrets of Richard Burton)
  • New body awareness

  Conversations We Don't Want to Have

Faced with conflict, anxiety, obsessive thinking or angst, we stop breathing and impulsively or compulsively react or avoid    responding. To hold back your breath holds back feelings and holds back the voice. This workshop is an invitation to work    with the breath and bring the creative forces to our voice.  When we recognize the power of our voice to awaken the          deeper stories of our lives, we heal our lives.   Align, transform and create.

 What we do:

  • Body Work, breathing exercises, cutting edge vocal and language exercises (including poetry)
  • Improvs,  personal monologues, visualization

 What you go home with:

  • The power of the breath to access the imagination and the subconscious.
  • Heightened awareness of our authentic voice through writing, dancing,
    speaking and singing
  • Heightened awareness of our intuitive connection to language
  • Ownership of our voice and ownership of our power
  • Build the daring to take risks

Performers | Private Coaching

Private Coaching - The Elixir of Voice

You've gotten good training, but maybe you need a new combination of ingredients or are you not combining the ingredients well enough? Is one piece always left hanging?

 A powerful actor can be transforming, A  high emotional life is heard in the sound of their voice. Anything less than this is good and has potential to earn a living. But, will it captivate the imagination of an larger audience,  a  world  audience?

VOICEWORKS  breaks barriers, with cutting edge techniques -- develop the power and beauty of your voice.

Bodywork relaxes the body, releasing tension that can strangulate the voice. Bodywork further encourages breath control and range. The clarity and precision of words create mastery of language. Study of poetic principles encourages eloquence. Improvisational techniques develops authenticity

Change Your Voice, Change Your Life


The Liquid Voice Workshop

  B.A. The pillars: bodywork, emotion memory exercises, visualization and text.  Encourage your sense of language through the investigation of sounds and text. Create Vocal Power, Authenticity, Richness, and Spontaneity.

Advanced Liquid Voice Workshop
M.A. Continued bodywork, visualization and text for Vocal Power, Authenticity and Beauty. Master the use of heightened language through exploring poetry. Techniques of Richard Burton.  Solidify your expertise and electrify your audience.

We all hold the possibility of expressing our inner intentions visions dreams through our voice.

The Liquid Voice sessions are personal, supportive. The work is done in person or on skype, tailored to your needs.

Do They Hear You Or The Town You Come From?

Vocal Fluency
Voice and Diction
Accent Reduction

 Audition Prep

“Astonish me.” Get on your objective and stay there.


Monologue Prep

“Take my breath away.” Perfect your character. Perfect your performance.
Write or rewrite your monologue.

We all hold the possibility of expressing our inner intentions visions dreams through our voic

Business | Recording

Instructional Recording

This is Your Voice

This MP3 recording of Lynn Singer's time honored tape includes relaxation and body awareness exercises. These "cutting edge" exercises combine text, relaxation and body alignment. Exercises are numbered for your convenience. Choose the ones that benefit you the most. This recording also includes tips to use for the "15 Minutes Before" the presentation. Used everyday, this recording will transform your voice.

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