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Business | Private Coaching


Business | Private Coaching

Power Speeches

Craft your speech and hold the audience in the palm of your hand. Your text needs be heard, not seen, not read. Stand in your voice with strength, subtlety, richness and spontaneity.Power Point Boot Camp

This is a top secret. Be prepared for invention and juicing your creativity. Only available through interview or completion of Victory Voice.


The Victory Voice

  • Presentation skills
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Fluency
  • Accent Reduction

Business | Workshops


VOICEWORKS breaks barriers, with cutting edge techniques -- develop the power and beauty of your voice.

Bodywork relaxes the body, releasing tension that can strangulate the voice. Bodywork further encourages breath control and range. The clarity and precision of words create mastery of language. Study of poetic principles encourages eloquence. Improvisational techniques develops authenticity.

Introduction to Voiceworks
The pillars: bodywork, emotion memory exercises, visualization and text. Encourage your sense of language through the investigation of sounds and text. Create Vocal Power, Authenticity, Subtlety, Richness, Beauty and Spontaneity.

Advanced Voiceworks Training
Continued bodywork, visualization and text for Vocal Power, Authenticity and Beauty. Master heightened language through the exploration of poetic principles.. Solidify your expertise, eloquence and ability to electrify your audience.
We all hold the possibility of expressing our inner intentions visions dreams through our voice.


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I asked Lynn to help me find my voice. As a woman working in finance I often felt my voice could not compete in a room of louder male voices. With great insight and sometimes challenging breathing and vocal techniques, Lynn helped me find my voice - one that is heard in any room.
— Kelly Caldwell, Deustche Bank




Every child is born with a beautiful voice.  Let's find it!


Videos: New York Times Interview | Lynn Singer Testimonial | Intro to LS VoiceWorks




I have been working with Lynn for some time and she never ceases to surprise and amaze me. I learn something new every time I work with her and this workshop was no exception!
— Heather Siebert

Free Voice Exercises

FREE exercises and inspiration to find your signature voice.




Lynn Singer's Podcast with Guest Appearances.  Listen to be inspired!

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