Private Voice Coaching Business People

Private Voice Coaching Business People

Our voices are as unique as a fingerprint. LS VoiceWorks is built on the principle that the voice is our most unique vehicle of expression. LS VoiceWorks locates, with cutting edge techniques, habits that suppress that uniqueness. We develop personal power and presence and encourage the risk-taking necessary for the maximum potential of expressing our desires, visions and dreams.


The Victory Voice

Your voice holds your hidden gifts, passions and power.  Investigate and integrate these gifts for greater connection to your world.  Allow your voice to further your career and all of your life.


What we do:

  • Bodywork exercises strengthen and tone the voice.
  • Managing words: open and strengthen your intuitive sense of language
  • Pinpoint bad habits
  • Connect to your passions, visions and dreams
  • Story telling: You are the brand. 


What you come away with:

  • Your presentation with a free, full, powerful voice
  • Authenticity, Richness, Spontaneity, vision and passion
  • Solidify your expertise and captivate your audience


Power Speeches

Be prepared for invention and juicing your creativity

Craft your speech to perfection, hold the audience in the palm of your hand. Your text needs be heard, not seen, not read. Stand in your voice with strength, subtlety, richness and spontaneity.


Only available through interview or completion of Victory Voice.

Voiceworks - Individual sessions provide the best preparation possible for your voice. Work is personal and  supportive, tailored to your exact needs.


Individual coaching, Skype and phone sessions available.


Additional Information

Price: $130

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