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LS VoiceWorks offers Private Voice Coaching for performers of all kind.  LS VoiceWorks breaks barriers with cutting edge techniques to develop the power and beauty of your voice.  Mastery of your voice creates spontaneity, stability and focus. When your voice is trained, it has the power to electrify. LS VoiceWorks classes are personal, supportive. Classes are held in person or on Skype and is tailored to your needs.


We all hold the possibility of expressing our inner intentions visions dreams through our voice  


Course 1: The Elixir of Voice

Solidify your expertise and electrify your audience!


What We Do

  •  Bodywork opens the breath, release tension and creates breath control
  • Clarity and precision of words and text create mastery of language
  • Study of poetic principles encourages eloquence
  • Techniques of Richard Burton
  • Improvisational techniques develop authenticity
  • Visualization creates a new blueprint for voice and language


What You Come Away With

  • New awareness of our body and its relationship to our voice
  • Recognition, believe and acceptance of a new blueprint
  • Stability of our voice and language
  • Vocal Power, eloquence, beauty and spontaneity


Course 2: Do they hear you or the town you came from?


Classes are offered in One-on-One private sessions by Lynn Singer of LS VoiceWorks. Expertise in the sounds of English to transform how you sound, speak and your relationship to language.  Practice is Essential.


"We all hold the possibility of expressing our inner intentions, visions and dreams through our voice.  ~ Ray Davi



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Course Price: $130

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