Just a some of the many testimonials Lynn Singer has received throughout her years of teaching.  See what they have to say!


Lynn is an established genius of voice work.  She is dedicated to leading her clients not only to finding a better, stronger voice, but their own unique voice.  She is intuitive, passionate and highly skilled.

Seth Michael May, http://www.actingonimpulse.com%20

Lynn Singer is a marvelous and dynamic teacher…unparalleled and skilled at what she does…imaginative, provocative…extraordinary voice.

Michael Earley, Former Director, Yale Theater Studies

I asked Lynn to help me find my voice.  As a woman working in finance I often felt my voice could not compete in a room of louder male voices.  With great insight and sometimes challenging breathing and vocal techniques, Lynn helped me find my voice - one that is heard in any room.

Kelly Caldwell, Deustche Bank

Lynn! You are a fantastic teacher!

Gustavo Pace, MFA Harvard , Flubright Scholar